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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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IFC Company is born in Andorra with the initiative to help organizations around the world influence, increase their sales, create brand loyalty, attract new clients, and develop new international business opportunities by means of an integral communication strategy. We communicate with top of the line digital and multimedia solutions that transcend borders in order to help companies conduct global business and, ultimately, reach the target audience most suitable for each campaign.


Online and offline methodologies are analyzed and personalized to ensure they are appropriate for each project and guarantee a connection between the brand and the consumer in a constantly changing competitive environment.


We design and develop, with no creative limits, the necessary activities within a campaign in order to maximize brand identity and positioning and ultimately generate a unique experience for the client.


We help brands connect with the consumer using multiple digital platforms to share interesting content that transmits emotions, values, experiences, and credibility.


We measure and analyze all the parameters of the company’s website and social media platforms so we can maximize the optimization of the brands’ communication efforts with the help of big data.


We increase the value of the brands using digital marketing strategies designed to reach the largest possible audience.


We organize conferences and events with an innovative vision. We create advanced channels that allow Brand interaction (digital magazines, websites, e-commerce, blogs, and social networks).